Adding Super Heroes to the Rust Brazilian Community
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Adding Superheroes to the Rust Brazilian Community

In December, Mozilla Brazil in partnership with the Rust Lang BR community launched a project that brings together Rust programmers and community leaders from regions all over Brazil to advance crucial evangelism efforts in the country. Today we are excited to announce the participation of more than 20 mobilizers who will evangelize Rust by ensuring that more programmers know, use and evangelize Rust in Brazil.

Over the past few months, the mobilizers have been involved in Rust community activities, both face-to-face and online, and as members of the Rust community in Brazil.

The primary mission of the mobilizers is focused on local action by organizing Rust workshops that introduce the programming language into the local technology communities, mobilizers will teach Rust based on curriculum and open documentation that include:

And to advance this mission, the mobilizers are: connected with community leaders from global Mozilla and Rust communities; involved in open source community initiatives; organizing and participating in technology community events; and in the coming weeks and months will lead discussions, debates and being interviewed by the press about the Rust language and community initiatives that advance the programming language.

To ensure guidance and support to the mobilizers we have formed a project leadership team consisting of community leaders, Mozilla representatives, Rust community members, activists of the open source community, healthy Internet movement and inclusion and diversity in technology.

These four leaders bring together relevant knowledge and experience in Rust, open leadership, community building and collaboration, open project management, open communication, marketing, design, development, infrastructure and web operations, and many others. We will continually work to maintain the project, document the whole project operation openly, create and obtain resources for the experiment and directly related initiatives, support the mobilizers, create strategies to promote the experiment and its activities, mentor new contributors and run regular calls with the community.

The project leadership team and mobilizers will meet before and after the Rust Roadshow Brazil 2018 to attend meetings, trainings and mentoring to ensure that the mobilizers are supported in their individual activities and projects or in teams.

Meet the new league of Rust Brazilian community superheroes:

Alberto Margarido / Twitter: ACSMargarido, Mozillians: amargarido, Github: amargarido

Alexandre Cesar / Twitter: lxndrcesar, huijari, Github: huijari

Ana Paula Maia / Twitter: anapaulavm, Github: anapaulavm

Bruno Rocha / Twitter: rochacbruno, rochacbruno, Github: rochacbruno

Cássio Botaro / Twitter: cassiobotaro, cassiobotaro, Github: cassiobotaro

Cauê Baasch / Mozillians: cauebs, Github: cauebs

Diego de Oliveira / Twitter: lokimad, Mozillians: diegooliveira, Github: diegooliveira

Elias Amaral / dlight, Github: dlight

Fábio Fernandes / Twitter: fhofernandes, fabiohof, Github: fabiohof

Felipe Do E. Santo / Twitter: felipez3r0, Mozillians: felipez3r0, Github: felipez3r0

Giovanni Martins / Twitter: giovannistultus, Mozillians: giovannism20, Github: GiovanniSM20

Iago Caldeira / Twitter: iiagocaldeira, iagocaldeira, Github: iagocaldeira

Igor Leroy / Twitter: lerrua, lerrua, Github: lerrua

Janito Filho / jvff, Github: jvff

José Ramírez / Twitter: a30673083, jose-ramirez, Github: jose-ramirez

Joelson Gai / Twitter: jg19_dev, Mozillians: jg19, Github: jg19

Jucélio Silva / Twitter: skalldihor, Mozillians: skalldihor, Github: Skalldihor

Maitê Balhester / Twitter: mbalhester, Github: maiteb

Marcelo Santos / Mozillians: mmsdocs, Github: mmsdocs

Mário Idival / Twitter: marioidival, marioidival, Github: marioidival

Tiago Guimarães / Twitter: tilacog, tilacog, Github: tilacog

Weder Mariano / Twitter: weder96, Github: weder96

Join us to congratulate our newest Rust mobilizers (aka Superheroes) by posting your comment into this post! 🎉

The Rust Roadshow Brasil 2018 is a project led by contributors from the Mozilla Brasil and Rust BR communities, the project is conducted openly, you can find updates in real time in the official GitHub repository.

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    Super proud of everyone’s participation in the project, excited to support the work of all of you, anytime! 😀


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